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Black Wynd Cattery is home to BW Babydolls

a small breeder of gorgeous ragdoll kittens and cats

located just north of Toronto, Ontario. We are registered with the Canadian Cat Association ( CCA ), The International Cat Association ( TICA ) and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)..

We are a small cattery with
a wide variety of ragdoll cats to suit everyone.

We have bi-colors, points and mitts in a full range of colors, seals, blues,
flames, torties, lynx and even the rare & elusive lilac and chocolates.
Our cats are registered with TICA, CFA and CCA. Their fur is medium
to medium-long, not-matting with very little upkeep,
very silky and rabbit-like.

Ragdolls make loving pets.
Ragdolls make loving pets no matter how old, contrary to the old myth, that you “have to get them very young to train them your way”.