Home Of BW Babydolls...
We are a small cattery with a wide variety
Of ragdoll cats to suit everyone.We have bi-colors, points and mitts
In a full range of colors, seals, blues, flames, torties, lynx and even the rare & elusive lilac and chocolates.Our cats are registered with TICA, CFA and CCA. Their fur is medium to medium-long, not-matting with very little upkeep, very silky and rabbit-like. Our kittens are all raised underfoot in the house and are well socialized with other cats, dog and bird before they leave to their new homes. They follow us everywhere, always ready to play. All of our breeders are tested for HCM & are negative.
The kittens are all coddled, kissed and loved
Daily, giving us great joy and amusement in return. Every night they sleep with us and when morning comes they’re right there helping us wake up. The kittens are all litter trained and eating on their own before they leave. They just love tidbits of people food and are easily taught to fetch and sit up, sometimes already trained before leaving.
Each kitten has their first 2 shots, dewormed and a veterinarians check before leaving. The veterinarian checks their heart, ears, bones, eyes and looks for any infestations and they are pronounced healthy bundles of fur.
All pet kittens will be spayed/neutered before leaving at the new owner’s expense.
The kitten leaves home with samples of food they are used to eating and familiar toys. They also have their nails clipped, dewormed & advantage applied.  They will also leave with registration papers & 8 weeks or up to $500. free accident & illness coverage.

Pet prices start at $1200.00 + HST. Please contact us for breeder prices or more information. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten. Shipping is available at the new pet owner’s expense.

Please contact us privately for show and breeder prices.

Sometimes we have older kittens or retirees available at reduced prices. Please contact us for pricing & photos.

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